Ute Tray® in open and closed positions
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Satin finish aluminum construction is lightweight, yet strong. Drop sides. Trays for small and medium-sized pickups are 5,000 lb load-rated. Trays for full-sized pickups are 8,000 lb load-rated. Various lengths available.

Can accommodate many accessories
(as seen below)

New Ute Top w/ optional
windows and tool drawer

Landscaper side kit
w/ tool drawer option

Aluminum stake side kit
w/ ladder rack and tool drawer options

Wood stake side kit
w/ tool drawer option

Ute Bed® / Ute Tray®, Unlimited Uses.

Versatile Aluminum Pick-up Truck Bed -- The Ultimate Utility Conversion for Your Pick-Up.

There is no limit to the uses provided by this versatile aluminum pick-up truck bed. The ultimate utility conversion for your light truck, it provides increased load area, tie-down points and removable sides. Australians have been using these trays for over 30 years and they can be seen on 3 out of every 4 pick-up trucks (utes) Down Under. A Ute Tray® is a practical addition to any truck, and the numerous accessories (ladder rack, underbody and topside tool boxes, tool drawers, canopies and campers) further enhance its functionality. Add new life to your old pick-up truck when you replace the old rusty bed with a Ute Tray®.  

Perhaps the most outstanding attibute of the Ute Tray® is its increased load area. Located above the vehicle's wheels, the additional width provides your vehicle with many more loading opportunities. We have used our own vehicles for transporting off-road vehicles, moving furniture and hay-bales, as a stage for a band, as an elevated viewing and seating area at a public event, for pitching a tent at a campout... the list goes on. The Ute Tray®'s satin finish aluminum construction is lightweight, yet strong. The drop sides are convenient, and easily removed for a flat bed. the Ute Tray® comes in a variety of sizes that will fit most pick-up trucks. Ute Tray®s for small and medium-sized pick-ups are 5,000 lb load-rated. Ute Tray®s for full-sized pick-ups are 8,000 lb load-rated. Various lengths are available. The Ute Tray® can accommodate many accessories.


Ute Tray®s are now available from Ute Ltd to fit any sized pick-up truck

Ute Tray® for
Small Pick-up Trucks such as the Sonoma or Ford Ranger.
Medium Size Pick-up Trucks
Full Size Pick-up Trucks such as the Dodge Ram or Ford Super Duty Series.

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